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Find quick answers to your questions about our TOURCH tours. From accommodations and meals to guide details and what to pack, our FAQ page covers everything you need to know for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Get ready to explore Japan with confidence!

Both tours are crafted to immerse you deeply in Japan’s vibrant culture. The one-week tour focuses on Tokyo’s iconic anime and gaming scenes, including visits to Akihabara, Shibuya, and the Studio Ghibli Museum. The two-week tour extends to Osaka and includes cultural explorations in Nara and Kobe, along with more extensive anime and gaming experiences.

Our tours are led by cultural enthusiasts like Luke Derbyshire, who combines his deep knowledge of anime and gaming with a passion for Japanese culture. Our guides are fluent in both English and Japanese, ensuring a smooth and insightful experience.

Yes, both tours include daily breakfasts and select meals that highlight Japan’s culinary diversity, including themed café experiences and traditional Japanese cuisine. Specific meal details are provided in the tour itinerary.

We provide accommodations in centrally-located hotels that are carefully selected for comfort and convenience. You’ll stay in places that allow easy access to the tour sites and are well-rated for quality.

Each tour is designed to balance guided activities with free time. The one-week tour offers an afternoon and the two-week tour includes several half-days free for you to explore at your leisure or relax.

Our tours are suitable for all ages, but they are especially popular among young adults and families with teenagers due to the focus on anime, gaming, and pop culture. However, we welcome anyone with a passion for Japanese culture!

We recommend that all travelers come prepared with comfortable walking shoes, appropriate clothing for the season, and any necessary medications. It’s also a good idea to bring a camera to capture your experiences. Prior to your departure, we’ll provide a detailed packing list and any additional recommendations specific to your tour.

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