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Established in 2019 by Mizuki Murai, TOURCH is excited to bring its signature blend of Japanese culture and vibrant anime tours to the UK market for the first time. Specializing in anime-centric adventures, we seamlessly combine Japan’s rich heritage with the colorful world of its anime and gaming scenes. From deep dives into Akihabara’s bustling streets to explorative journeys through Osaka’s iconic landmarks, our tours are expertly tailored to thrill both dedicated anime fans and those new to the genre.

As we launch our pilot anime tour in the UK, we are thrilled to offer an exclusive gateway to Japanese pop culture. This initial offering is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional travel experiences that go beyond standard tourist paths. At TOURCH, we prioritize creating personalized, engaging tours that not only explore but also celebrate the unique spirit of Japan’s most beloved anime locations.

The People Powering TOURCH

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Inspiration Through Travel

Mizuki Murai:
The Heart of TOURCH

Mizuki Murai’s journey into the travel industry began from the unique perspective of a globetrotting model, starting as young as five. Her early career exposed her to the vast diversities and shared human experiences across continents, sparking a deep-seated passion for exploring new cultures. With a background enriched by extensive travels and a stint in show business, Mizuki founded TOURCH in 2019, driven by a vision to meld the worlds of entertainment and travel into one coherent, enriching experience. Her approach goes beyond traditional tourism, crafting journeys that allow travelers to dive into the heart of Japanese culture, from its ancient traditions to its modern-day pop phenomena. Mizuki’s leadership is guided by her commitment to offering immersive, emotionally resonant experiences that not only entertain but also educate and inspire.

Your Cultural Connoisseur

Luke Derbyshire:
Discover Japan with a Local Enthusiast

Introducing Luke Derbyshire, our UK-based anime and gaming aficionado who brings a unique flavor to your Japanese adventure. At 29, Luke’s passion for Japanese culture shines as he frequently visits Japan to explore its depths, uncover bargains, and connect with local friends. Beyond guiding, Luke shares his experiences through vibrant TikTok videos, giving you a taste of Japan’s dynamic lifestyle. An avid cosplayer and collector, Luke ensures that every tour is filled with insider knowledge and personal touches. Travel with Luke and TOURCH, where he captures magical moments, leaving you with lasting memories of a truly personalized journey.

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Core Ideals That Guide Us

Mission & Values:
The Essence of TOURCH"

At TOURCH, our mission is to enrich lives through travel by creating encounters and connections that expand life’s possibilities. We combine the thrill of entertainment with the beauty of exploration, ensuring that each journey is not only a trip but a transformative experience. Our values are rooted in trust and integrity, emphasizing transparency in every interaction. We cultivate deep gratitude towards our community, ensuring that every step we take honors our commitment to our clients and partners. Emotional engagement drives us to deliver experiences that resonate deeply, while our courage to innovate keeps us at the forefront of the travel industry. Together, these principles not only guide us but also inspire us to create unforgettable adventures that echo long after the journey ends.